Ride Leaders

If you have been riding with us and are interested in leading a ride, this guide may help you plan.


  • Prepare a description of the route for the ride schedule. Include start and end points, transport information, meeting spot and distance.
  • Give an indication of the difficulty and pace of your ride, e.g. Easy, Hard, Medium, Medium hard, Training Ride or Social paced ride.
  • Send your ride details and updates to ride@sydneyspokes.com at least 4 days before the ride for the email co-ordinator to send out the notification. They will send you a live Google spreadsheet link to the responses.

Layout your route

  • Pay special attention to high traffic areas and potential hazards, with the goal of minimising problems – use caution and common sense.
  • Prepare maps and/or cue sheet if necessary
  • Keep in mind the level of ride you are leading – Check that the group is all there and to see if there are any riders who need additional support from more experienced riders

On Ride Day

  • Introduce yourself and other club members to new participants.
  • Make new riders feel welcome
  • Make sure that all participants have signed the online Sydney Spokes Online Waiver sign up sheet. Riders must sign the waiver and they must wear a helmet
  • Describe the route, explain any hills, problem navigation, hazards. Note regroup points
  • Remind riders it is their responsibility to let the leader or sweep know if they are leaving the ride or riding ahead. Ride at the advertised pace, note number of riders in the group
  • Periodically regroup if necessary

What to do in an emergency

  • Life threatening? Call 000
  • Note details of any drivers involved and witnesses
  • Check for danger and follow emergency response procedures
  • Complete incident form after the ride

Some final considerations…

  • Consider taking a Senior First Aid course
  • Consider bringing a basic first aid kit on your ride